iPhone + iPod Carrying Options While Running or Fitness

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Recently I had a question on Twitter from @ColRunner about how I carry my iPhone while running. I do some testing of iPhone Apps and like to take photos along my running routes, so I need to have complete access to it. The simplest option I have found so far is just holding it in my hands. It can be burdensome at times like when I am trying to do some speed work or drills, so I have started some research on armbands and other options to use with the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry Storm or any other touch screen device.

Most of the online reviews seem to come from the tech space and not from the fitness or running angle. So I have had to do some digging around this.

Here is what I know so far:


Incase Sport Armband for iPhone / iTouch


Incase Sport Armband for the iPhone featuring iMapMyRun application

I had the opportunity to take this out for a trial run recently. Not being used to the armband around tension and the heavy flat item attached to my bicep, it was a bit awkward, at first. The lightweight, adjustable neoprene armband had reflective details, a removable Velcro tab that provides an option for headphone cord management. The armband is also washable by hand to get rid of the nasties.

Incase armband

Incase Armband

I was surprised to find out that the phone was as accessible through the plastic cover as it was. I had no issues accessing the controls to the phone and applications. As an added bonus, I was pleased to find I could do this with my gloves on.

What I didn’t like was that it was near impossible to take the phone out. Obviously something you don’t usually have to do when running. But for me, taking photos on the run is a must and since the neoprene backing covered the lens, I was in a quandary. If I am to continue using it, I might just have to create a “workaround” for this

Retails for around $34 but you can find it for $28 right now at Mapmyfitness.com
More Product Details » http://www.goincase.com/products/detail/cl56246

Other options

Throwing the question out to the twittersphere I got this response back after I noticed a tweet that he took waterproof armband out on a rainy run.
d_tw @boulderrunner “it’s made by Belkin. I couldn’t find a model number. Had for over a year now. Key holder is a little small. Otherwise great!”

Sport Armband Plus with FastFit from Belkin looks like it could be another nice option for wearing on the arm.

Chicrunner on her blog had this to say: “I carry my iPhone with my in my iFitness belt (which I LOVE and swear by)”

What options have you found to work for you? Comment here, on Twitter or on our Facebook Page.

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  3. Doddci says:

    Perhaps a hole puncher could create camera access? Worth a shot if it’s good otherwise. Generally, neoprene doesn’t fray, but if you find that it starts to fray, you could try to had overcast the opening, or use a commercial product likes Fray-Check.

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