Run Free: Rocky Mountain Wilderness Video

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The National Park Service in celebrating 50 Years of Protection has released a series of videos including one about Rocky Mountain National Park just outside of Estes Park, CO. Adventure athlete, local Boulderite and Newton Running Ambassador Ian Adamson can be seen running along the trails with ultra-marathon runner Kara Henry as they explore the trails in RMNP.

The video nicely transitions between Ian and Kara running along trails and highlighting the amazing mountain scenery and wildlife like elk, marmots and foxes.

“(It was an) Amazing experience running at dawn above tree line in Estes Park. Spectacular sunrise and views to the western plains and main range. Truly the essence of running!” stated Adamson.

In the video Henry states, ” That freedom you get when you are out in the wilderness , its kinda like a connection and you and nature and your own movement of your body and breath.”

The land for Rocky Mountain National Park was acquired with the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Major Stephen H. Long, the explorer for whom Longs Peak is named, avoided the rugged barricades of the mountains in his famous 1820 expedition. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt  created programs to put people to work for his New Deal. One such program was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) where  young male recruits at six camps built build roads, trails, and buildings; put out wildfires; planted trees; and managed predators in what is now Rocky Mountain National Park.

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