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A sports bra is designed to last about 100 wearings (if it’s air dried after washing), but who has time to keep count? So how do you know if it’s time for a new one?

-You notice that you’re bouncing more; the bra doesn’t seem to support your chest as well as it used to.

-The elastic on the straps or bottom band is noticeably stretched out and doesn’t seem to fit snugly when you put on the bra.

-The fabric is ripped so that underwires are exposed; this will lead to chafing.

Here are some ways to test your sports bra:

Gently tug the elastic straps and band. If you don’t feel any resistance, buy a new bra.Compare the old and the new. Stack a new sports bra on top of a similarly styled old one. If the old bra has a wider band and longer straps, replace it.

A sports bra provides almost twice the support of a regular bra. For a quick test, jog in place wearing a normal bra, then a sports bra. If your breasts don’t feel significantly more secure, get a new one.

Good sports bras must have:

  • ability to wick moisture away from the skin
  • ability to quickly dry
  • proportioned and contoured to minimize chafing
  • straps that don’t dig into the shoulders
  • the band around the lower chest shouldn’t shift or bind
  • soft and plush thread to minimize skin irritation
  • 25% Lycra, anything less won’t compress breasts sufficiently

More info from Moving Comfort

Sports Bra Sale Ends February 14

Come in to Fleet Feet Sports Boulder to check out their great selection of sports bras and get fitted for the right one by their knowledgeable staff.

Now through February 14th, buy one sports bra and get the second at half price.

Sale valid on in-store product only.

Content courtesy of Fleet Feet Boulder

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