Throwback Thursday: Clint Wells Boulder USA XC

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Clint Wells navigates the "Jonesy Surprise" in the 2007 Cross Country Championships in Boulder, CO

Clint Wells navigates the “Jonesy Surprise” in the 2007 Cross Country Championships in Boulder, CO

This week we flash back and take a look at the career of Boulder’s own Clint Wells. A native of Craig, Colorado, Clint attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and was a 4x All American. Post Collegiately Clint was a 3x USA Olympic Trials Qualifier (2x in the Steeplechase and 1 x in the 5,000m) in 1996, 2000, and 2004 with his best result coming in 5th at the 2000 Olympic Trials Steeplechase. Clint was also a 3x World Championships Qualifier for the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 1999, 2001 and 2002.

Locally, Wells is well recognized as he was on five BolderBoulder International Team Challenge teams, 3 for Team USA and 2 for Team Colorado where he finished as the top American twice and finished as high as 6th overall. He also won the citizens race in 2008.

Most recently Clint has turned his attention to coaching with the Boulder Track Club and was Team USA’s Head Coach for the 2013 Chiba Ekiden held in Japan on October 11, 2013.

In December, Wells participated in the USATF Club Championships in Bend OR, and is planning on towing the line on February 15th in Boulder.

I asked Wells what kept him coming back to the sport and what will be special about Boulder this year:

“Of all the places I have run XC races in this country and others, I think the fan support that is here in Boulder was the best I have seen. In 2007, I was amazed at how many people lined the course to watch us all run through the mud and especially the muddy ditch. That year, we also had so many former CU buffs and former teammates compete and do so well, so for me that is exciting!”

“The great thing about XC is the competition is comprised of athletes from all specialties all in one race. You may have a marathoner on one side of you and a 1500 meter runner on the other. As a steeplechaser in college and some post collegiately, it was always fun to see how well I stacked up against the 5-10k athletes. XC can be one of the toughest types of races you can run, so having it in Boulder at altitude is just adding another element of difficulty and for me, I think this will be an advantage. Maybe I can be in the top 90 instead of 100! :)”

“And, with all of the people I see running in this town of all ages, I expect there to be a great turnout, in the races themselves and those on the sidelines spectating.”

“If you have any inclination on running in February [or any cross country race], I would just say to go for it! Don’t over think it. Don’t worry about where you think you will place or your time.

Just go out and compete with those around you, push yourself and have fun! It will also be a good tune up and workout for any race you have coming up this spring.

I dont think you will look back (after a few hours rest) and think, I wish I didn’t do that.”

Catch more Throwback Thursdays on the Boulder USA XC facebook page. Register for the community 4k race at 8:30 the morning of February 15.

Clint Wells competing in XC

Clint Wells competing in the 1999 USA 12K Cross Champs held in Tacoma, Washington

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