2011 Race Schedule **(with asterisks)

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I’ve been collecting and planning for the last few weeks, looking to solidify my race schedule for 2011. Then I’ve been meaning to post the schedule for the last 2 weeks, but just haven’t been able to get around to it. **

I have set some specific time goals in my mind for this year in all race distances from the Mile to the Marathon. As part of the Fleet Feet Boulder Master’s team I plan on getting out and representing as much as possible. That being said, remaining healthy this year will be the number one goal, improving my fitness and lowering my race goals will be #2.

Yet, I post this schedule with hesitancy, because as I write this I feel a pain in my right 5th metatarsal, something that came about at the end of an easy run yesterday. I felt the pain a few weeks ago, but ran on it the next day in a “normal” running shoe with little instance and have felt nothing since then. I’ve done hard workouts, long runs, runs on trails and in snow.

If it manifests itself, this will be the 3rd fractured metatarsal in as many years (I’ve never broken anything before). I planned on keeping up with some level of cross training throughout the year (Water Running, Cycling, Gym)** but it looks like I need to jump back into it head first over the next few weeks in order to get to my first race of the year: Cross Country Nationals Feb 5, in San Diego, CA #XCNats

** My post on Goals for 2011 will contain my plan of cross training, fitness goals, being social, general well being and procrastination will be posted in the near future.

So with all that, here is my best laid plan for the time being. I will modify as I feel strong and when opportunity presents itself. (Some races don’t have dates yet here, as there is either no info yet, or I just didn’t get it yet.)


Legend: Considering¬† | A” Race
15 Fast and Flurry-ous

* I am going to pass on this one because of my foot, but really wanted to get in there and get the feel of the race again


5 XCountry National Champs
**This is a huge race and I could put all sorts of pressure around it, but I plan on going out, running as hard as I can, supporting Fleet Feet Boulder and just enjoying racing again.

20 Frozen Foot 5k

13 Running of the Green
19 Canyonlands Half Marathon

1 Cherry Creek Sneak
30 Bolder Boulder

5 Steamboat Half Marathon
9 Uni HIll 2k
12 Sunrise Stampede
12 Garden of the Gods 10mi
Lyons River Run
24-26 Health and Fit Blog Conference in Boulder, CO http://fitnessbloggersconference.org/

4 Scar Top Mtn Run
4 Superior Downhill Mile
4 Avery 4mile – for beer
Roger’s River Run
BRR Track Meet
21 West End 3k
30 CTC Corporate Challenge

11 Pearl Street Mile
14 Georgetown To Idaho Springs

Park to Park 10 miler
Neder Nederland

CU Shootout
Red Rock Ramble
9 Denver Marathon

Twin Peaks XC Challenge
Turkey Trots

Colder Boulder


I will also be volunteering at a few events this year. What does your schedule look like? Looking forward to seeing many of you at the races!

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  1. Jessica (booshy2) says:

    I will so see you at the Runnin on the Green and BolderBoulder!

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