Unbreakable Film – Second Showing announced in Boulder!

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A second showing of the Unbreakable has been scheduled for Friday, Feb 10. Everything is the same as the previous night.

This is the film of the 2010 Western States 100. It is the only ultrarunning film made with high production values, from cinema-photography to editing, is feature-length (1:45), and follows four contenders as they prepare for the event, then shows the race itself up close and personal from a racers perspective, which turned out to be the most competitive 100 miler ever.

The film will be presented at the Dairy Center for the Arts – a wonderful venue that will enable us to enjoy a full evening of entertainment. The theater seats 250, and comes with a large foyer/art gallery for socializing, and where they sell wine, beer, and snacks.

Best of all, three of the main characters in the film will be participating in an interactive discussion with you – Geoff Roes, Anton Krupicka, and Nick Clark.

Finally, Running Times Magazine is organizing a major schwag-fest – this will be a raffle worth holding on to your ticket for.

The event is a fundraiser for the Boulder Outdoor Coailtion, which promotes stewardship, access, and appreciation of Boulder County’s public land.

Buy Tickets:

Ticket Pricing:
Ticket price is $12 (Dairy Center gets $2 of that)
Buying online is $2.05 fee = $14.05.
If you call the Dairy Center Box Office (to p/u will-call night of show) or go there in person (ticket issued immediately), you would pay the $12 (no fee). Box Office open 1-5 M-F, 303.444.7328.

The Dairy Center for the Arts is a very cool venue:
They are a good non-profit, worth supporting They sell wine and beer (local micro’s on tap!) They even allow same to be taken into the theater

Doors open at 6:00 pm, Film starts at 6:30 pm
Seating is GA, so don’t arrive at 6:30
There will be an intermission, raffle, and discussion, so the evening should be wrapping up around 9:30 pm
There is a semi-hidden car parking lot in the rear, and bike racks out front
The movie is good, but the party may be better … look forward to seeing you!

About Western States Endurance Run

Film Website: http://www.ws100film.com

(Description From Wikipedia) The Western States Endurance Run, known commonly as the Western States 100, is a 100-mile long (161 km) ultramarathon that takes place on trails in California’s Sierra Nevada annually, on the last weekend of June. The race starts at the base of the Squaw Valley ski resort and finishes at the Placer High School track in Auburn, California. Runners climb a cumulative total of 18000 feet (5500 m) and descend a total of 23000 feet (7000 m) on mountain trails before reaching the finish. Because of the length of the race, the race begins at 5:00 A.M. and continues through the day and into the night. Runners finishing before the 30 hour overall time limit for the race receive a bronze belt buckle, while runners finishing in under 24 hours receive a silver belt buckle.

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