Weekend Recap October 24-25, 2009

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2 Responses

  1. George Zack says:

    Love to hear what your take was on some of those forums.

    • I would be happy to share.

      I’ve been considering writing up a few notes to post here on the topics I went to: Marketing for Women, How to Leverage Social Media, Alt. Ways Events Can Make Money, Working With Your Retailer.

      In conversations I had with attendees, topics we thought would be great for discussion would be “New Race Director 101. The essential checklist.”

      “Planning a Great Race Course” could be another great topic. Perhaps after the race they could invite the public to an open forum with the race directors.

      One last comment is about a missed opportunity in which they could have introduced the “Stars” before the race. I knew many of the folks there personally and some by name. But even by name, I didn’t recognize them in person.

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