Before you go, be sure to check out these running resources.

If you are heading to the local trails during the spring and fall, in particular, be sure to be up to date on the local temporary trail closures which tend to usually include South Boulder trails like Marshall Mesa and Dowdy Draw and in North Boulder, trails like the Eagle trail which tend to get very wet and sticky with mud. Even when they are not closed, remember its a good idea to be prepared to be wet by staying on the trail vs, making the trail wider.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Most trails are managed by Boulder's OSMP or Open Space and Mountain Parks. You can find updated trail conditions as well other important stuff in the parks by following their twitter feed @BoulderOSMP.

You can find more about everything on their Visitor Information page.

Running with a Dog

OSMP lands have approximately 145 miles of trails, almost 90 percent of which are open to dogs. It is your responsibility as a dog guardian to read and understand the regulations so that everyone can enjoy their visit to OSMP. In some areas, dogs must be leashed. In other areas, dogs may be allowed off-leash if they wear a voice and sight tag and are under voice and sight control. All dogs must be leashed at the trailheads.

Running Trails in Boulder, CO

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Perhaps Winter IS Here

In the past few days we have had drizzly snow, then warm again and today meets with snow. There was enough of the white stuff to get everyone excited ...
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Dowdy Draw Trail: Springbrook Loop to Gawshawk Trail

New additions to the Dowdy Draw Trail included a larger parking area, handicap accessible trails revisions to the Dowdy Draw trail and most notably the additions of the Springbrook Loop and Gawshawk trail providing superb views of the Boulder Valley and a peek into Eldorado Canyon.