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My wife often runs with a great group of friends on Saturday mornings. Some are from immediate circles, some from extended networks. They meet at various trail heads within the city, early in the morning, ready to start the weekend usually with a lung and quad burning climb up any of the various trials around the front range.

Fall morning along the Mesa Trail

Fall morning along the Mesa Trail

I don’t often have the luxury of running with a group. So when she informed me that she wasn’t going to join them,  I was excited about the opportunity to get out and expand my circles. Solepepper Sports does a fun run on Saturdays, or perhaps I would go join a local training group for some hill repeats.

But my wife challenged me to go with her group. Each week they challenge her. I wasn’t sure how I would be received being the only male amongst such a tight group. Luckily, I knew a few moms from school, and they graciously introduced me to the group.

We started at Bear Creek Elementary, ran up Table Mesa to Skunk Canyon, down to the connection to Kohler Mesa, climbed up to Mesa Trail, behind NCAR, to the top of Bear Creek to the radio tower, then back down Bear Creek. This is a great loop with a fair amount of variety in terrain and challenges while offering up spectacular vistas and scenery.

Over the course of those 7 miles, through the climbs, the fall colors, I knew at least a little about each one person there that day. I appreciated that opportunity to run with a group again, and was glad I was able to grow my circle a small bit.


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  1. George Zack says:

    Good seeing you yesterday morning. Hope we can run together soon.

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