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S3: Eagle To Coot Lake

Connector: Eagle Trail to 55th .89mi

Early morning runner at the Eagle Trailhead

Early morning runner on the Boulder back roads. The connector would be just to the right of the road here.


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Eagle Trailhead

Eagle Trailhead in North East Boulder.


55th Trailhead

Trailhead at 55th just North of the reservoir.


Currently people can connect Eagle trailhead with the 55th Street trailhead via 55th, a dirt road not often traveled by cars, but a trail alignment adjacent to the road would be preferable for the safety of all.


As part of the Boulder Reservoir Master Plan a trail is slated to be built

[box type=”note”]Completion date is unknown.[/box]

Trail Around Boulder

The Trail Around Boulder is a 37 mile loop trail encircling the City of Boulder, Colorado, all on dirt. It passes through a wide variety of landscape and wildlife habitat, giving visitors a great tour of the ecological diversity of this beautiful area.

The Trail Around Boulder utilizes mostly existing trails, with only 7 new trail miles needed to complete the loop. Virtually all the connections are either already planned for construction, trivial to complete, or have been planned for many years but never built. Apart from road crossings and one railroad crossing, all the land needed to complete the Trail Around Boulder is already owned by the City.

The Trail Around Boulder is being promoted by the Boulder Area Trails Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes environmentally responsible, multi-use trails for everyone: hikers, runners, equestrians, mountain bikers, dog walkers, bird watchers, climbers, and YOU!

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Trail Around Boulder Map



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