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Local trail advocates have proposed a Trail Around Boulder (TAB) which would measure 34 to 37 miles circling around the city using mostly it’s existing trail system on Open Space and Mountain Parks.

The idea was given more attention as Councilwoman KC Becker started advocating for it last April. Local ultra runner Peter Bakwin stated several other cities, such as Loveland and Portland, have similar trails and that Boulder would be the perfect place for one.

“I view Boulder as trail town USA, a lot of people come here for the trails and this would be another thing to highlight that.” – Peter Bakwin

The TAB is currently made up of 12 sections (below) starting at Chautauqua Park and numbered clockwise as it moves around the city. It passes through a wide variety of landscape and wildlife habitat, giving visitors a great tour of the ecological diversity of this beautiful area.

There are still 7 “connectors” that would need to be built or improved on to make the circle complete.

Mike Patton, the director of Open Space and Mountain Parks, said City Council has already directed OSMP to prioritize completing regional trail connections, so creating the Trail Around Boulder would just be a matter of finishing the right connections.

“It’s very feasible,” Patton said. “Some connections will be more difficult than others, but it’s doable.”

Visit to find out how you can help support the TAB and to donate to the initiative.

Trail Around Boulder

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Here is a list of the trail sections starting at Chautauqua Park and moving clockwise around the city.

01. Chautauqua to Eben Fine Park 2.25 miles

02. Eben G. Fine to Centennial 1.65 miles

03. Centennial to Linden 1.65 miles

Missing ConnectorThe Goat Trail 900 ft

04. Linden to Lee Hill 1.9 miles

05. Lee Hill to Eagle Trail 4.5 miles

06. Eagle to Coot Lake 2.15 miles

Missing Connector: Eagle to 55th Street .89 mi

07. Coot Lake to 75th St 2.9 mi

Missing Connector: IBM Connector .92 mi

08. 75th and Lookout to Teller Farm South

Missing Connector: 75th and Lookout to East Boulder Trail .75 mi

09. Teller Farm South to Dry Creek

Missing Connector: Teller Farm to Dry Creek 3 mi

10. Dry Creek to South Boulder Road

Missing Connector: Dry Creek to South Boulder Road 1 mi

11. Cherryvale and S.Boulder to South Boulder Creek West

Missing Connector: Hwy 93 crossing at the “Trailer Park” South Boulder Creek Trailhead (may be necessary to route TAB to Community Ditch) 700 ft

12. South Boulder Creek West to Chautauqua 3.72 mi




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