Community Ditch Trail Closure effective July 28, 2013

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Beginning in the evening on July 28, Community Ditch Trail will be closed at State Highway 93. The closure is likely to last for most of the next year in order to facilitate the installation of an underpass that will allow trail users to cross SH 93 without mixing with highway traffic.

All trails in the area will remain open for use, but may offer only an out and back experience during the closure. There will be extensive construction activity in the area of the underpass and the department asks that all users respect the closure and avoid the construction zone for their and other’s safety. Traffic on SH 93 will also be affected. However, the highway will remain open during construction with various lane restrictions.

This is very good news for those seeking safety on crossing a busy and dangerous SW 93. It also falls into plan for those interested in seeing the completion of the Trail Around Boulder  or #TAB, a 35 mile mostly dirt route circling around the City of Boulder.

Trail users can still access both sides of the highway via the Flatirons Vista Trailhead and the Greenbelt Plateau a bit further South.

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Community Ditch closure

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